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Law Scholarship – Past Scholars

Catherine Dunmore was a scholar for the 2016/17 academic year. She writes:

Catherine Dunmore“Having practised as a solicitor in London and Paris, I was keen to return to my studies and undertake a masters degree. I was delighted to receive support from the HM Hubbard Scholarship, enabling me to complete the LLM with Collaborative Program in Women and Gender Studies at the University of Toronto which best suited my academic interests and future career ambitions. The LLM gave me the opportunity to study international criminal and human rights law as well as aspects of domestic Canadian law, and to write a thesis on the response of domestic and international criminal justice systems to sexual violence against men and boys during conflicts. It allowed me to live in a diverse, multicultural and welcoming city and to learn more about the history, culture and traditions of Canada and the First Nations. I am incredibly grateful for the significant support received at this early stage of my professional career.”

Rebecca Fry was a scholar for the 2015/2016 academic year. She writes:

Rebecca Fry“I feel privileged to have been awarded an HM Hubbard Scholarship, which enabled me to complete the thesis-intensive LLM programme at the University of Toronto. The programme provided me with the opportunity to combine studying a range of courses, primarily concerning aspects of legal and political theory, with the preparation of a thesis focussing on the underlying purposes or goals of charity regulation. Having practised as a solicitor specialising in charity law for a number of years before coming to Toronto, I really enjoyed exploring many of the issues I dealt with in practice from a more theoretical perspective. Completing the LLM also made it possible for me to experience life in Toronto, and to connect with fellow graduate students from a wide range of jurisdictions. I am very grateful to the HM Hubbard trustees for this fantastic opportunity.”

Walter Merricks, Chair of IMPRESS, and a member of the Gambling Commission, was a Hubbard Scholar. He spent a year in Canada. Here is Walter Merricks’ testimony.


Nicholas Saxena was a scholar for the 2014/15 academic year.  He writes:

Nicholas Saxena“After several years practising as a solicitor, I decided that I wanted to change direction in my career and was delighted when the Trustees awarded me a HM Hubbard Scholarship. I spent nearly a year in Paris, gaining an LLM in French Law and European Union Law at the University of Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne, followed by a three month placement in a Paris law firm. The LLM qualification and the work experience will be vital for my career aspirations and living in Paris has been a wonderful experience. I cannot thank enough the Trustees and the late Henry Malcolm Hubbard for giving me this unique opportunity.”


Elizabeth Muirhead was a scholar for the 2012/13 academic year.  She writes:

“The Henry Malcolm Hubbard Scholarship provided me with the funding to do the Legal Sciences LL.M at the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona. I had wanted to learn a second language for some time so that I could live and work outside of the UK. Doing the Masters was a very good way to learn about Spanish and European law in areas that were relevant to my future career as well as some that were new to me. I am now in strong position when it comes to job interviews and my Spanish has come on leaps and bounds. Thanks very much to the Trustees for giving me this fantastic opportunity.”

Rachel Roche studied in Paris in the 2012/13 academic year.

You can read about her experience here:

Andrina Hayden (neé Harris) was one of two scholars for 2009/10.  She writes:

a-harries-photo-3“The H M Hubbard Law Scholarship enabled me to study a Masters in Legal Sciences at the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona.  This was a fantastic opportunity not only because it is considered to be one of the best universities in Spain, but also because it is located just two minutes away from the Barcelona beach, so I could really make the most of the Spanish long lunches!  The international focus of the Masters provides a broad range of subjects for all lawyers with an opportunity to specialise on a chosen topic in depth when writing a final thesis.  A wonderful opportunity that has not only given me a strong grounding in international law and left me fluent in Spanish, but has allowed me to make friends from all over the world.  Thank you to the H M Hubbard trustees for making this all possible.”

Tom Garbett was a scholar for 2009/10.  He writes:


“Studying in Canada, and particularly in Vancouver at University of British Columbia, was a unique opportunity for many reasons. It’s not every campus, for example, that’s bounded on two sides by the ocean! The faculty of law is incredibly academically curious, giving me a chance to explore different areas of law ranging, in my case, from corporate through to law and pop culture. The constitution of my LL.M. cohort was international, which meant that in addition to learning about different legal systems (Brazilian, Chinese, German, Swiss, to name but a few), I now have standing invitations to visit from all over the world. I would not have had this life-changing experience without the support of the HM Hubbard trustees, and for that support I can only say a heartfelt thank you.”

Joanna Redding was one of two sponsored scholars for the 2008/9 academic year.  She writes:


“I studied for an LL.M. in French and European law at the Sorbonne, as did Julia before me.  The course is analogous to a Graduate Diploma in (French) Law, but with greater emphasis upon EC law.  Studying French law has enabled me to compare it with the laws of England and Wales, which has given me a new perspective upon the latter.  I also now have a much better understanding of the overarching system of European law, having studied its implementation in two member states.

I was able to put my knowledge of French and European law into practice, as well as develop my practical skills, during a 3-month training programme (in the capacity of a trainee under the French system) at J P Karsenty & Associés in Paris, which I completed at the end of my Masters. There I became familiar with French civil procedure and was able to draft court documents in French.  I also made some very good contacts with French lawyers.

The knowledge and skills I gained in France will undoubtedly be of use in future practice as a solicitor, particularly when working on international transactions or litigation, or simply when dealing with any matter concerning EC law.  Furthermore, I am now finally fully fluent in French and capable of discussing a wide range of legal issues with French lawyers, which is for me both a personal and professional achievement.

All in all, my year in France has been a fantastic experience and I have the H M Hubbard Trust to thank for making it possible for me.”

Pritej Mistry was the other sponsored scholar for the 2008/9 academic year.  He writes:

“The scholarship allowed me to study at the University of Toronto, one of the best law schools in North America. My LL.M course focused on international environment law and trade regulation; it was a fantastic experience being taught by leaders in the legal field. The Masters has given me an expansive view of formulating law and policy which I hope to apply in the UK. Living downtown was an amazing experience. Toronto is truly a world city, vibrant and welcoming, encompassing a diverse mix of cultures, traditions and history. I thank the Trust for this unique opportunity and I encourage prospective applicants to go for it!”

Paul McClenaghan used his scholarship to study at Alicante University:

photo1 photo2

“After two years of practice as an IP lawyer, and having received a scholarship, I resigned and headed to Alicante to study a Masters in Intellectual Property and Information Society Law.  As well as being home to the European Community Trade Mark, Alicante was home to many international students, a good beach, a medieval castle and lots of tapas bars.  The course was taught mainly in Spanish (with some English) and visiting lecturers including people from OHIM and the EPO.  The course was centred on Spanish and European law, with some comparison to English, French and German law.  Without the scholarship I would never have been able to walk away from my previous job to study and live abroad for a year.  I am currently working in a trade mark agency in Barcelona and as well as enjoying the experience, it has improved my employability.”

Julia Mingay

Julia Mingay was awarded a scholarship to study French and European Law at the Université Paris I Pantheon-Sorbonne, where she graduated with a mention assez bien.

Julia wrote:

“The LL.M course provided a foundation in the some of the main areas of French law with a leaning towards company law. It was taught and examined entirely in French. From September until mid March we had classes for more than half the week and work to prepare ourselves during the rest of the time. At the end of March I took oral exams in three subjects and written exams in four subjects, having completed a group assessment and three pieces of course work during the year. From April through the end of June, as part of the course I was on a work placement at a law firm specialising in company law called Testu & Associés. For the most part I did legal research and translations, and as part of the LL.M course, I wrote a report and gave a presentation about what I had been doing at the firm. The course proved to be serious and well organised and involved a fair amount of work. Whilst not directly relevant to the law that I will be doing in England, having the perspective of a different country’s law perhaps helps you understand- or not, your own country’s law. In particular and to my surprise I enjoyed the company law having not previously been very taken by company law, perhaps because I did not know very much about it. I would wholeheartedly recommend the course to any future applicants to the H M Hubbard Trust and would be happy to be contacted by them.

The LL.M course was obviously only one aspect of the year. Paris is an amazing place to spend time. I rented a tiny room in Bastille from a Swedish girl I found in a magazine, and it was perfect. I went to the tourist places and the everyday places – museums, bars, cinemas and the great markets. I had a lot of picnics by the Seine and in the parks. I ate a lot of baguettes and then went off them. I went to Chinatown for noodles. I went on the weekly rollerblading trip through the city which was so much fun I have come back with my rollerblades. I watched plenty of French TV and read the odd book – trashy French ones and a couple of decent English ones. In September it was all new to me but by the end when people came to visit I was showing them round a place where I had really settled in. It is a place where I have left behind some long lasting friends.

I could not have had a greater experience and I would like to thank all the trustees for what really was a wonderful opportunity.”

Ian Violet spent a year in British Columbia:
“My studies at the University of British Columbia were mainly in the field of family law. I was helped to take a much broader view of the role of law in society because the curriculum was less concerned with the memorising of principles and cases than my course at my English university had been. I was encouraged to take a much broader view of the impact of laws on those who have to live by them.