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Application procedure

In order to apply for a scholarship to study international law, you must complete the online application form, submit the necessary documentation and provide the names of two referees.

If you do not include the requisite supporting documentation you will not be considered.

Your application must include detailed information on the following:

  • educational achievements to date
  • professional qualifications
  • employment status
  • proposed course of study
  • the way in which you have calculated the level of scholarship you are requesting
  • why you should be awarded a scholarship

You will be required to provide two referees who should be unrelated to you and to each other (these references will not be taken up until you have obtained a place on your desired course). The Trustees will require:

  • an academic reference if you have not yet qualified as a solicitor or if you are within 3 years of qualification or in all other cases a reference from a practising solicitor of at least 10 years standing who is not your current employer or employed by your current employer; and
  • a reference from your current employer or, if you are self-employed, a reference from a second solicitor of at least 10 years standing who has no connection with your own firm, or if you are currently at university, a reference from a second person not related to you who has known you for at least 4 years